The History of Hierros Hontoria S.A.

40 years ago, the Hontoria family, leaded by Mr. Pedro Hontoria Gonzalo, started an adventure in steel world, commercializing such materials as scraps, rests of production and other recovered steel and iron materials, working in the local market of Segovia province, with few resources and workers, and scarce facilities.
With the passing of the time, the activity grew and the moment to invest and expand the company arrived. That is why, on july 18th, 1979, Mr. Hontoria purchased the ancient Cookie Factory facility at Nava de La Asunción, Segovia (Spain).

On december 16th, 1979, Hierros Hontoria S.A. was stablished as a public limited company.


In the early 90's, Hierros Hontoria went through a huge growth, with Mr. Miguel Ángel Hontoria as Managing Director. To satisfy customers demands and needs on best materials and qualities, the company decided to internationalize purchasings, looking for the best quality and price in all products. Due to good outcome obtained, in 1992 the company opens its first facility at Bilbao: a covered warehouse with more than 5000 square meters of surface, shared with a partnered enterprise.

In 1998, Hierros Hontoria opens a second warehouse in Fuenlabrada, Madrid, in the heart of one of the biggest industrial poles in Spain.


Sales and Value Evolution Figures